Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Room Redo

I saw this advertisement in the September issue of Elle Decor...

It's obviously a beautiful room, but definitely not my taste.  I did love the high window and exposed beams, though, and I thought about how I would decorate it differently, so I gave myself a project.  Using only furniture I found in the same magazine, I put together a room with a totally different look.  I took all of these....

And made this!

I liked my sketch better before I colored it because the colored pencils I had available were not exactly the color scheme I had in mind.  I thought it was fun, though!  Do you think you could stand to live in it? 


  1. Nice! I love that mirror, I stare at it when I go through my Elle.

  2. Nice sketch! Have a wonderful weekend ahead! Kellie xx