Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Silver desk

When I moved to my current house I had to get rid of my giant oak desk and find something much smaller to fit in my new bedroom.  I had a budget of approximately $0.00 so my options were limited.  I found this super cute desk at the Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg.  They have a lot of great buys there, including this one, but the paint job looked like a pastel-colored mold had creeped all over the desk...
I started looking around for inspiration for how I should paint it and found this fabulous do-it-yourself post by Jenny at Little Green Notebook where she covered dressers with aluminum leaf!  Her project turned out absolutely amazing and obviously I HAD to have a piece of furniture that looked like that.  Sadly, as a renter, I don't really have a space where I can aluminum leaf something so I started researching some other options to mimic the effect and came across Modern Masters metallic paint.  I chose it because it's water-based meaning no fumes and easy clean up, plus it looked like it produced really fantastic results.  I chose warm silver in opaque and got these results:
 My desk doesn't have the gorgeous dull sheen that Jenny's dresser has, but I thought it turned out pretty well!  The chair I decided to pair with my desk is one piece of my dining set that is now in storage.  I love the combination of silver and wood in this photo from Domino so this is the direction I hope my bedroom is going:
This is how my desk looks right now, although I'm working on collecting fabric swatches for a room makeover based on the picture above:


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