Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Dramatic in Small Spaces

I loved the section I saw on House Beautiful today about old decorating rules that should be broken.  I think my two favorite new philosophies were about small spaces and how they don't need to be relegated to neutral decor and small furniture.  Small spaces are sometimes the best spaces to go big because the drama doesn't take over your house, and the bigger scale can actually make the room look bigger.  Think about how every room you've ever moved into looks so much bigger once your furniture is inside.  I think this revelation is especially exciting to me because I have a queen sized bed on risers and a huge armoire crammed into my little 10.5' by 11' room!

Here are a couple of oversize headboards in little bedrooms...

House Beautiful
Suzanne Kasler

An big mirror in a little entry...
Suzanne Kasler
I think the drama in these rooms speaks for itself...
Stephen Shubel

If the Lampshade Fits


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