Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eastern Market Mirrors

I like for every nicknack and decoration in a home to be a great find, not just something you picked up because you needed to fill space.  This way, everything in your home has a little personality and it's like you're always surrounded by friends.  Granted, that sounds a little shut-in of me but I promise that sometimes I like to be friends with real people, too. To prove it, here are some photos my friend, Isel, showed me of some mirrors that I think would add personality to any home.

I think these would look amazing in a front hall or foyer hanging over an old chest of drawers painted black, with a big, round vase of flowers on it!  My friend made this great find at our local Eastern Market, where vendors gather every Sunday on Capitol Hill to sell artwork, crafts and food.  This is a great place to shop for home decor because every piece is one-of-a-kind meaning a) it has a lot of personality and b) no one knows how much money you didn't spend on it! 

Plus, it's very trendy to shop local.


  1. I love Eastern Market and love these fabulous mirrors! What a great expression of local style (and living on the Hill like me :) Great photos!

  2. The mirrors are gorgeous! I love the large ones! Kelliex xx

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your sweet comment. I LOVE the Eastern Market and miss spending leisurely Sundays pouring over all the fun finds available. These mirrors are really beautiful, I love the fun pops of color! Hope you're having a lovely week friend xoxoxo