Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Furniture Store on F St NW

I have been wanting to go into this antique store on F St NW downtown ever since I first noticed about a month ago but I have been too intimidated because it looked a lot like walking into someone's basement.  Finally the other day I got my friend to go with me and it was even cooler than I'd hoped!  Yes, there were some pieces that I would love to buy and repaint or reupholster, but what I'm most excited about is what an amazing building this is right in downtown DC on prime realestate.  I wish I had taken better pictures but you can see how this area with exposed brick could be turned into a gorgeous foyer...

Then you walk back towards the columns....

which separate the foyer from the area with the sunken floor and stories-high ceilings.  I think this would make an amazing restaurant and my friend thinks it should be made into a club.  I don't know if it's for sale, but would someone with more money than me please, please buy it and make a fortune.  Here are some of the furniture pieces they had for sale that I liked...


  1. Ok, no joke, my heart rate just went up. Oh boy.

  2. @Michelle

    I know, right? Just remember that you have to invite me to the grand opening! ;)

    PS I just looked at your blog and it is gorgeous!

  3. These are great pictures, Sarah! And I think the friend you took to this place is a Very cool girl :) lol