Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired by California Colors

Since I left my computer at home during vacation, I have tons of posts about home decor just waiting to be put up.  They will all have to wait one more day, though, because first I have to share some of the photos I took in California.  The colors and textures in Southern California are so vibrant, it is impossible not to take amazing pictures!  Plus, I think the striking color combinations and the satisfying way in which antiquity mixes with fresh newness, are very applicable to home decor.  As young decorators, it is very important that we learn how to embrace the charm and beauty of disrepair and mismatching and develop a flair for color and texture mixing that makes it all look like it was on purpose!

Most of these pictures were taken at my favorite place to visit in Southern California, the San Juan Capistrano mission.

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