Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gallery Walls

Like most young professionals, I've moved around a lot since college, and it has been my personal experience that no matter where I live, I'm always left with the problem of filling big, blank leftover walls. In my current house, my bedroom is about half the size of my previous one and the only way my furniture fit left one wall with only my low storage bench (one of my own designs) against it.  I also had a leftover stack of mismatched pictures from various rooms in my old apartment , each and every one of which I loved and refused to put away out of sight.  The only solution was  a gallery wall!

Picture galleries are always a favorite of mine, but if it were not for the sentimental value of this motley crew of pictures, I would actually choose a different style.  There are a lot of other (and I think better) way to put together a gallery than the way I did it...

I like the very structured patterns in these gallery walls by Tom Stringer.  There is continuity in the size, shape, colors, and subject matter...

Tom Stringer via Color Outside the Lines

Tom Stringer via Color Outside the Walls

Tom Stringer via Color Outside the Walls
This gallery wall by Ralph Lauren has continuity in the frame styles, but adds more variation with colored photos and different shapes and sizes (sorry about the picture quality)...

This gallery wall makes a huge statement with the large-scale black and white photos of statues taken from dramatic, artistic angles...
Dwellers Without Decorators
This gallery wall is a little closer to mine in the varied shapes and sizes of the frames but the black and white color scheme makes it much more pulled together...
Dwellers Without Decorators
This last gallery wall by Stephen Shubel is a little different...they used mirrors instead of pictures.  I guess that makes it not actually a gallery?
Do you have a beautiful gallery wall in your house?


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