Saturday, October 30, 2010

Decorate Your House Like a Barn

My sister came down to visit me last week and we had an equestrian-themed weekend driving out to Winchester to see our three horses on a retirement farm.

Horse country in Virginia is absolutely gorgeous in the fall and especially the horsey town of Middleburg.  We stopped in at a local sandwich shop for lunch and they had done such a cute job decorating the bathroom like a little stable using textured wallpaper. 

The textured walls give a little nod to equestrianism, but chic details like the pistachio wainscoting, the brushed silver sconces, and the decorative door trim make it a polished look rather than rustic.  Here are some other ways to use textured wallpapers successfully:
Decor Design

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy
I started doing a little research and, according to this website there are many advantages to textured wallpaper, that just-getting-started people could really appreciate:

* more affordable than a lot of wallpapers
* easier to install than a lot of wallpapers because you don't have to match up patterns
* looks super good


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