Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to Reorganize the Closet!

The age old problem...not enough room for the clothes I do have, and not enough money to replace the ones that are pilling.  I am told I will look back on this time of life with fondness.  Remember when I used to have to buy store brand cereal?...I sure do miss that!

Anyway, I decided the other day that it was better to wear the same outfit every day than to be dressed like a hobo so I decided to purge my wardrobe of all the misfits while simultaneously packing away my summer clothes :(

This is what my armoire looked like when I started:

and this is what my closet and I looked like when I was finished:

Katie Lee Joel's Closet via Domino via Little Green Notebook

No?  Actually my closet looked like this (very sad and small):

My armoire was actually an accomplishment. PLUS it is designed by me and built by my dad so even better!:

It doesn't look like I got rid of any clothes, but actually this armoire is less two garbage bags of clothes in this picture!  I like to organize my clothes first by type and then by color because it makes getting dressed so much easier.

The bottled water is in my closet because my persnickety little cat, Daphne, prefers bottled water to tap.  She deserves it, though, because she was VERY helpful while cleaning my closet out.  She was solely in charge of making sure that all summer clothes I packed away were properly coated with a protective layer of cat hair.

She took her job very seriously.

You can't really see it at all in this photo, but I also designed the box (the big wooden one, not the cardboard one).  I'll do a post about my room in a few days and then you can see it better.

In the meantime, here are some other closets I would not hate to have:

I love the dark grey walls and the painted red table with the pretty perfume bottles on it.  Very elegant...

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Much like everyone else in the world, I am loving reflective surfaces on furniture right now...

Ada and Darcy


  1. Haha that's what my cat always does. Great organization!! I need to fix mine.

  2. Your cat is VERY helpful!