Monday, July 25, 2011

Oops, I went to the Leesburg Antique Shops Again

It's a good thing I live over an hour and a half away from Old Lucketts Store or else I might seriously run the risk of cramming so much furniture into my bedroom that I can no longer step inside.

I may have mentioned before that I currently share a house, approximately 10'x11' of which is mine to fill with furniture.  So far I have a queen-sized bed, a desk, an armoire, a footboard box, two side tables and about 20 framed pictures.  And now a chair.  And two more pictures.

The two drawings actually came from German Favorite Antiques, which is a really very cool store.  These two puppies were just so cute that my mom bought them for me!  I'd like to put them in an entrance hall or above a writing desk, if that space weren't already filled in my life.

This chair came from Old Lucketts and was so perfect for only $70 that I had to have it.  I plan to reupholster it in a bright lattice fabric.  No idea where I'm going to put it....

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  1. Wow! Great finds and should make for some fun projects! :)