Sunday, November 14, 2010

My room makeover - blue and green chinoiserie-esque

Back in college I subscribed to the same dorm decorating color pallet as 95% of all other sorority girls - Lilly pink and green.  Here is my bedroom from Sophomore year...

 In Junior and Senior year my room got a little shot of maturity...

But now that I have recently become the very mature age of 24, I think I could use a tiny bit more maturity in my bedroom decor.  Here is what my bedroom looks like now...

 And here is what I would like it to look like...
I like the relaxing blue, green color pallet, the mixtures of rich wood stain with silver and white paint, and the very sophisticated chinoiserie touch in the wallpaper.

Because I'm renting my room I definitely can't use wallpaper, so I'm reproducing the look using these fabrics:

This will be for the seat cushion at my desk and two throw pillows on the bed
This will be the seat cushion on the end-of-the-bed box

The last fabric will be sort of a take-off on this Van Gogh which I have always loved.  The background color will be a bluish green taken from the flowers in the first fabric.  The headboard will be upholstered in this plain background color and trimmed with dentil moulding to give it a chinoiserie flair.  The pillows directly in front of the headboard will be of the same fabric, but will have the almond blossoms achieved by sewing on branches and little white rosettes.
 I was a little afraid there would be too much viney fabric so I did a couple of drawings to see how I thought it looked together.

The second picture is maybe not beautiful, but I needed to look at something a little more realistic than my drawing.  I don't think it looks too viney, what do you think??


  1. Your illustration is really beautiful!

  2. Loved the sketch! I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm pretty sure it's going to look wonderful! Have a great day, Kellie xx

  3. That ain't viney! It's glorious.