Friday, July 8, 2011

Matching Red Leather Chesterfield Sofas, Vaulted Ceilings, White Walls, Navy Rug

Favorite picture of the day from Apartment Therapy - a bright, cozy apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

And a winning combo of classic and modern!


  1. The windows with the natural light is just stunning....I simply adore this area! Have a lovely weekend dear friend! Xoxoxo

  2. Cheap futon good for little kids to play on or for your average college kid thats dorming. Very cheap material. This place stores its parts for the futon underneath and i opened up the zipper and the whole underneath of the futon ripped. Why dont you have the parts to the futon in a separate box? Why are they attached to the underneath of the futon. Its a fair product for $94.00 however buyer beware.

  3. I can't find the one I really wanted. I searched for it for hours, found it, thought I bookmarked it, didn't. Oh well.

    So I wanted something to decorate my living room out more than I had it, and I wanted shades of brown to decorate with. This couch caught my eye - and not just because it's brown, but also because it was highly rated, and seemed to have a solid build quality to it. One issue I have with couches, sectionals in particular, is the eventual sagging of the couch cushions. Drives me insane, but more importantly, it messes with my spine and lower body and causes pain over time. That's one reason I had to get rid of my last mattress when I moved - besides the cost savings of it all.

    This couch is a very nice material, sturdy and firm, and it's doubtful that you will have the issue with sagging. Be aware that the chaise is not reversible - it only goes on the side you see in the image. If you're looking for a reversible or one on the other side you'll have to keep hunting.

    I have to also give kudos to the packaging for the small sofa. It was so tightly packed that three full grown men took quite a while to get it out of the packaging - and there was enough of it to fill the bed of an F350. It comes in the two pieces only - you don't have that much assembly to do, and while it is a heavy sectional, it's not hard to move the two pieces around once you've gotten them unpacked. There are no loose parts here either, which was a plus.
    Recommend you try it with a rug, if you're considering this sectional.