Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Weekend Craft - DIY Picture Frames

I've been working on redoing my desk since I moved into my current house....almost a year ago.  Last summer I succeeded in repainting it silver (see the post here).  My next idea is to put photos of both of my grandmothers just as a little reminder every day of where I came from.  My two grandmothers were as different as they could be - one was a stylish world traveler who let me borrow her lipstick and one was a sweet apple pie-maker who taught me how to play boggle - but both were beautiful and I wanted to make special picture frames for them!

  These aren't the pictures I plan on using - I'm still deciding on that!

Black, high gloss paint, wooden frames, a sponge brush and silver grosgrain!  (extremely necessary hot glue gun not pictured)

Applying the paint with the sponge brush.  I also did a layer of high-gloss black spray paint, but forgot to take pictures!
Hot glue is to craft projects as duct tape is to appliance repair (vital)
I tried cutting the ribbon at every corner, but it frayed too much so went with folding instead and liked the results much better!
Finished product!