Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why It Works - Layering Nick Nacks

It's easy to look at the results from talented decorators and know it's done right but I always find myself wondering if I could have put something like that together myself.  Since I thought there might be other people out there like me, I decided to add a weekly blog post called "Why It Works" or "Why it Doesn't Work", breaking down decorating successes into simple rules we all can follow.

Today's success:  Mary McDonald's beautiful table vignette -

What really seems to work about this vignette is that the nick nacks are grouped and layered.  Instead of setting everything apart by itself, all the items are overlapped, some sitting further back on the table and some sitting further forward. 

Sometimes it's easier for me to see these things when designs are broken down into their basic shapes and lines.  Compare the outline of desk with the layered nick nacks and with the separated nick nacks - the layered one looks better, right?  The layered table is a vignette while the separated table just looks like a collection of items.

There's a lot else about this vignette that works, but layering is one rule I can pick out and learn to help me get the look!


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