Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage Home Decor

I'm just now finally pulling myself out of the time mire that is the Christmas season, and beginning to catch up on my blog posts, comments and required reading.  As such, I've only just fully taken a look at my 12/28 edition of House Beautiful e-newsletter and noticed the words "Vintage Home Decor".  How could I have missed it?!

The article is an exploration of the ultra-cool home of designer Roman Alonso, the creative director of the design firm Commune.  When asked how he achieved the distinctly unaffected, cozy feel to his home, he explained, "...there's no plan here. This is just a repository for all the stuff I collect".  What an extremely validating sentence for me, as this is just how I have always suspected decorating should be approached!  To me, if you decorate your house by gathering around you an assortment of items that are truly "you", then you can't help but end up with a cozy, cohesive, distinct look that really works for you.  (This theory, of course, might be a little weak in cases of home makers with multiple personalities)  :)


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