Friday, January 7, 2011

My Friend's Green and Pink Living Room

My friend is in the process of decorating her living room and asked to bounce some ideas off me to work through the process.  Since I am addicted to decorating and have no place outside of this blog to unleash my energy, I naturally went overboard.

My friend currently has a pink and green bedroom and wants to carry the color scheme into the living and dining rooms.  She is starting with black dining set and living room tables, a couch that looks something like this:
Pottery Barn
 and is going to paint an accent wall in the dining room like this:
She wants to add in pink elements, but I was afraid the competing strength of the bright green and pink and the black would be overpowering so I decided to look for some inspiration pictures...
Inspiring Design

The airy bamboo in this dining set lightens up the black element, plus, that paired with the cute parrot prints give the room a cute, preppy, tropical look that I think fits my friend well!  And how sweet is the rug!


This room is a little more modern and is missing the pink, but definitely very successfully brings bright green into a living room with a beige couch and black furniture.  I think the mirror-surface table adds a little glamor!


This room is so cute!  Has the same light, black bamboo furniture and incorporates fun pouffes - how can you go wrong with those!

The Lennox

I thought I'd throw in this picture incase she wanted to go in a slightly more Chinoiserie direction.  The back of the chair is similar in design to her headboard, so I thought it might be a good starting point.

She is still in the process of picking out accessories, but is thinking of some garden stools  (maybe in pink??):
and something similar to this Jonathan Adler Talither rug, only in black and white:
Jonathan Adler
Sadly, this rug doesn't come in black and white....any suggestions on where she could get anything like that??


  1. Maybe try these guys:

    Not quite the same pattern but still really lovely! I personally love the rug in "chartreuse" colour, but black and white will go well in your friend's space!

  2. i love those little green and pink poufs! my sister wears lots of green and pink lilly pulitzer things - if only she would decorate with those colors, her house would look fabulous!

  3. @Kristie at The

    I know - I love myself some Lilly dresses and continuing that color scheme into your decorating can only be a good thing!
    PS Thanks for the follow on twitter :)