Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Gifts

At my house, we celebrated Christmas today because we are flying to California for actual Christmas and couldn't manage packing up all of our gifts for the flight out. The Christmas season continues, though, and I've come across a few really cute gift ideas that I think would be perfect for a lot of people who still have the big day ahead of them!

This little apple candle from Two's Company would be such a cute gift for a teacher.  If I had kids I would definitely buy them!

Eliza B allows you to personalize tote bags, clutches and flip flops with fabric and ribbon choices ranging from preppy to funky.

These cute notebooks from Field Notes are not only handy, but they are actually a decorating accent.  As Stacy London would say, they really "pop"! I can't think of any girl who wouldn't be happy to get these.

The correspondence sets from the Forgetful Gentleman are definitely for a specific type of guy only, but I really love the idea if you happen to know this kind of gentleman.  In addition to beautiful stationery, they sell books on proper letter writing, leather goods and reminder methods for keeping up with your correspondents.  Plus, they have a cute start-up story which can be found here.  

Everyone needs a way to make their cell phone stand out from all the others.  Since ringtones are no longer the thing to do, these monogrammed decals from Fontaine Maury will do the trick!

Did you come across any great finds this year??

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  1. These are really lovely pieces! I like the apple too! Enjoy the holidays, Kellie xx