Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Entertaining Season!!

Entertaining friends at Christmastime is one of those luxuries on which it is entirely alright to splurge!  In her book, Entertaining is Fun, home decor and entertaining maven, Dorothy Draper, wisely advises,

"The first requisite of such a party is good liquor.  The second is plenty of it.  Don't try substituting the second recommendation for the first."

The 1940s, when Dorothy Draper was at her peak, were not just the Golden Age of Hollywood, they were also the Golden Age of entertaining (and, I think, the Golden Age of Christmastime - think of all the great Christmas movies and songs from the 1940s!).  At that time, every house was equipped with a well-stocked bar and a drink was the first thing you reached for when you returned from a day at the office.  Nowadays, behavior like that would get you featured on an episode of A&E Intervention.  But aside from the obvious advantages of having a bar cart always at your fingertips, it means you're always ready for an impromptu holiday party!

Also, from a tiny apartment in the city to a mansion in the city, they lend a little bit of sophistication to any living space!







  1. Oh my goodness, this is such delicious inspiration! I am hosting my first ever grown up New Year's party this year, and I am excited! But also kinda freaked.

  2. @Michelle
    Oh that's so exciting! I hosted my first grown up Christmas party last weekend...and by 'grown up' I mean there was still a keg on the back porch...
    I can't wait to hear about your New Year's party!