Monday, May 7, 2012

Brooklyn Flea

As usual, I have more things I want to do than time to do them, but I was finally able to get to the Brooklyn Flea this weekend.  This Sunday it was in very trendy, very hipster Williamsburg and my immediate thought upon entering the tented area was that I should have opted for an outfit other than a white collared shirt and bright green cable knit sweater.  I tried to blend in by trying on the lens-free eye glasses at one of the multiple stands selling them, but I decided it was a losing battle and just owned my lack of trendiness.

The flea market was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.  However, unless you're going for a very Bohemian look, I think you're better off sticking to Manhattan fleas for your treasure hunting.  There were a few things I did love, though, and could have seen in my home if I weren't currently on a spending freeze...


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