Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop Around the Corner

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is all of the choices you have right at your fingertips.  For instance, if I'm cooking dinner and find suddenly that I am out of eggs, I have about eight stores within a two block radius from which I can choose to restock.  Although the advantage of being within short walking distance of about 75,000 chicken eggs is a little bit difficult to define, this abundance of choices happily extends to furniture stores, which I find has a measurable, direct positive correlation with the productivity of my Saturday afternoons (sadly, it also has a direct negative correlation to the balance in my bank account).

One of my new favorite furniture and home decor shops is right around the corner from me and is one of several locations in NYC and LA of the wonderful Olde Good Things company.

Unloading a shipment of circus animals?  Not sure what that's about but I think I like it.

 I want to go back this weekend and take some pictures of my favorite items but I also plan on heading to Brooklyn for their famous flea market so we'll see if I can fit both in!  Check back soon for my favorite flea market finds!


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