Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Accents, Big Interest

Hi all, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fantastic social media site for decorators, interior designers, home owner and other design professionals to share inspiration, showcase their design projects and network. Thanks for inviting me and Design Shuffle to visit Wells Interiors today to talk about small accent decorating ideas that can create big interest in our rooms. In interior design, the devil is in the details. Small accents can create a big impact that makes a room go from ordinary to interesting.
Food Decor  
Better Homes and Gardens via
Use food to decorate your kitchen. Grouping like objects, like colorful bottles of cider or cookies in a glass jar, add interest to open shelves or counters.
Contrasting Color in Living Room Design 
Design Hole Online via
Piping in a contrasting color creates an accent on furniture that draws attention to the lines of the piece. White on dark, dark on light or a contrasting color can become a small accent that creates big interest.
Ribbon Living Room Design 
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Like piping, bias tape and ribbons are a simple design element that can add big interest. Orange ribbon trim on curtains and pillows adds a graphic pop of color to this neutral living room.
Curtain Pullback 
Urban Outfitters via
Pullbacks for curtains are an old fashioned accent you don't find in many interiors today. I think they should make a comeback because despite being small, they add great style to curtains—perfect for a bedroom design.
Bright Colored Accent 
Pinterest via
A single brightly colored accent adds interest to a space. Paint an existing mirror, lamp, frame or object with spray paint to change the look and feeling in a big way.
Runner Stair Accent 
Pinterest via
The orange runner is a great splash of color in this foyer and staircase. But the small accent that caught our interest is the stripe of orange paint just above the baseboard; it completely changes the look of the space.
Knob Decor 
Brass Works Blog via
Changing knobs and handles is a small detail that has a big impact on the look of a cabinet or piece of furniture.
Animal Decor 
Rue Magazine via
Small objects can add big interest to a shelf or table. Sparkly metallics or shiny ceramics reflect light and draw the eye. Animals make charming objects in almost any interior design.

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  1. These spaces are absolutely gorgeous!!! Have a great weekend! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. Sarah,

    Thank you for allowing us to guest post on your wonderful blog!