Monday, August 15, 2011

Pink Dining Chairs

This weekend I started painting my dining chairs a pink/orange/red color.  I am fully aware that this will embarrass me in about 15 years or fewer but right now I think it's pretty great.

I'll post pictures when they're all done.  In the meantime...fabulous or decor disaster?  I think FABULOUS.

PS to my mother and sister:  See the grey couch in the second photo?? I told you it would match!

Elle Decor

House Beautiful, January 2011


  1. This is your sister speaking RE: grey couch. I think if your chairs were a solid bubblegum pink like these, the grey would be very pretty, but since yours (spoiler alert, dear readers) are a luscious poppy pink (or rich girl red as I've dubbed them) with a multi-colored floral fabric, I still vote for a navy couch. BUT, I could be persuaded to go for certain shades and fabrics of grey. Just call me devil's advocate - among other things, I'm sure!

  2. Love the pink chairs! So fun and sassy!